Fused Goods products are designed and handcrafted in-house, in our small Brisbane studio. All of our products are made with locally sourced full-grain, veg-tanned kangaroo leather.

We have a passion for design and individuality, and aim to create quality products that represent the intersection of function and fashion.


Utilitarian, yet aesthetic

Fused Goods was founded by Simon in early 2016, to create slim wallets that were aesthetic, hard-wearing and minimal. Fused Goods was born out of a love for quality, hand-made products.


Kangaroo leather

Full-grain veg-tanned kangaroo leather is sourced from a local family-run tannery in Brisbane, Australia. This tannery has been in operation for over 125 years.

We choose only ethically sourced and produced kangaroo leather, as it is one of the strongest leathers in the world.

Kangaroo leather is abrasion resistant and can endure high-stress wear.

Veg-tanned leather does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals found in other leathers. This process also leaves the leather with a more natural texture and finish.

Kangaroos are not farmed, and as a result some wallets may have unique marks or scarring. We believe this just adds to the character of the wallet.