Back to Reality

Two months ago I set off on the journey of a lifetime. I flew to Carnarvon WA with the goal of cycling the 6000km across the gigantic country I call home, back to Brisbane to raise money for the Australian Red Cross. 

Well, I made it! Lets break it down: 6329.90km; 344 hours, 15 minutes and 23 seconds of pedalling (57 days); a quarter of a million calories eaten; two punctures; eight EPIC tan lines; four state borders; four timezones; and 313.5L of water drunk. What a journey it has been! I’ve attached a few of my favourite photos to get you frothing at the mouth, and out exploring yourself.

As I said before I left, I wasn’t leaving forever. Now that I am back, the store is fully functional and up and running again. Any orders placed may take a little longer to be processed than usual, as I force myself to get back into a routine. I am also currently wading through the emails received whilst I was away, so don’t stress if I haven’t replied to you yet - I will get back to you!

As a little thank you for ordering despite the delay, grab $5 off your order using the code ‘IMBACK’.