This isn’t ‘goodbye’, and it definitely isn’t a ‘see you later’ with no intentions of returning.

A week ago, I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and with a minor in Industrial Design. Throughout my years at uni, I always set my eyes upon my next getaway, as my motivation to get through a semester. WELL, my motivation to finish my final units was the chance to pursue a lifelong dream of mine - to cycle across Australia.

In early August I will fly to Perth, before continuing up to Carnarvon where I will begin my solo and unsupported quest to cycle across Australia. In completion of this ride, I aim to raise $1 per kilometre cycled for the Australian Red Cross (click here if you wish to donate a few dollars).

What does this mean for Fused? Well, for starters, the webstore will still be active - orders that come in will be processed and posted. However, once we run out of stock for a colour or style, the product will not be able to be purchased (until I get back and turn these products back on). We will also not be carrying any stock of our Passport Wallets, due to their size and amount of leather they consume. Custom engraving will also be unavailable at this time.

SO, if you are interested in ordering a Passport Wallet, or something with custom engraving (Fathers Day is coming up), make sure you place your order before 5pm on August 4 (4/8/17). If you do so, I can ensure I that your order is engraved, cut, sewn and posted before I leave.

Grab free shipping on any order up until 5pm August 4 using the code ‘PRESSPAUSE’ whilst checking out.