Leather Pouch

Leather Pouch

  • Constructed from premium quality, black, chromium tanned kangaroo leather
  • Genuine metal YKK zips
  • 120mm x 195mm
    • Fits all your accessories for a night out
  • Machine stitched with Coats Nylbond M40 thread 
  • Lasercut and etched
  • Proudly Australian Made
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A classy leather pouch for a night out, a ride essentials case, an EDC pouch or a pencil case. This pouch is what you want it to be.

This is the first collaborative product released under the Fused Goods brand. It is a collaboration with BOGear, a local business that designs, manufactures and sells backpacks and other hardwearing gear.

Built from premium quality, black chromium tanned kangaroo leather, some of the strongest and thinnest leather in the world, this pouch is incredibly soft feeling and long lasting. Each pouch is individually handmade with care, machine stitched with Coats Nylbond M40 thread and using genuine, hardwearing YKK zips.

Simple, yet effective, over time this pouch will develop patina unique to its use.